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Since launching Elementor Pro Page Builder, it has received extensive exposure in the WordPress community, yet still, a lot of people aren’t aware such an advanced design solution exists for free.

This is why we decided to write a piece of formal information, giving you a closer acquaintance on How to get Elementor Pro Page Builder for free

The Elementor Pro Page Builder free user interface is extremely friendly, so it only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. We’ve built Elementor Pro with the latest technology, so the whole page builder is optimized and fast responding. This means, for example, that when you drag and drop widgets, it is done instantly, without any lag time at all.

How much does Elementor cost?

The core plugin of Elementor is free. For Elementor Pro, the pricing starts at $49 per year for 1 site, $99 per year for 3 sites, and $199 per year for unlimited sites. Go to the pricing page to read more

But, I will be showing you how to get the Elementor Pro latest version for free with a valid license, check the bottom of the page to start

What is Elementor Pro?

In December 2016,  Elementor Pro was launched, an extension plugin for Elementor that is meant for web designers and professionals. Elementor Pro includes some unique features, like live visual form design, flexible posts and portfolio widgets, custom CSS and Global widget.

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