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If you have heard about Gravity Forms or you have been using Gravity Forms nulled in your WordPress website and you are thinking about upgrading to Gravity Forms License key but you probably don’t have the money or you are just looking for where you can get Gravity Forms with a valid license key installed in your site for free then you are in the right place

Just keep reading to learn how to get Gravity Forms license key installed in your WordPress website for free and not a nulled version

Warning: Please away from downloading Gravity Forms nulled version in your site. as you know It contains Malicious Virus and other dangerous content that you make your site easily hacked. Stay away!!!!. Here we will teach you how to get Gravity Forms For Free with a valid license key for free

Make sure you read and follow the steps carefully to get Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin with a valid license key in your WordPress Website

How To Get Gravity Forms For Free with a valid license key

Step 1: Click Here To Register

Fill in your details Email, Username, Password, Skills (for skills you can put in wordpress ) then join


Step 2: Click Here To Confirm your email and verify your phone number

Go to security to verify phone number

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Step 3: Click Here To Apply For A Coupon Code

Enter your email address and click on get coupon now. Then check your email for the coupon code


Step 4: Click Here To Redeem your Code


You will get a balance of 5 dollars in your account as soon as the Coupon Code is redeemed

Step 5: Click Here To Order For Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin (Free)

So, The Gravity Forms license key will not be given to anyone. The WordPress Expert will install Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin with a valid license key when you order with your free 5 dollars balance. 

Please note that there are lots of websites that offer to Download Gravity forms free nulled vision of Gravity forms which is a good source of malware and hacking code that you destroy your site. Don’t download the free nulled version of Gravity forms WordPress plugin

So, Get it now and enjoy Gravity Forms For Free With all Add ons

Note: If you have any issues with activation after the order has been made simply contact the seller and it will be reactivated. Also note that you will be able to receive future update from Gravity Forms for free to update your wordpress pugin

How to skip / bypass License key in Gravity Forms

Make Forms without License Key. But don’t worry, if you follow the step above, you will get gravity forms with a valid license key and the reaming steps below wont be necessary

Step 1 :

The first thing you have to do is Just neglect that license key box and tap on Next ( As shown in below image ), This plugin will still work perfectly without license key  as I mentioned earlier license key is only for support and automatic Plugin Updates.

Now it will display a warning message ( as shown in below image ) in which stated that Plugin updates will not be available and it will be unsafe for the website to skip entering License Key.

But that’s not an issue you can update your plugin as soon as it is released by the developer, there are many websites from which you will get gravity forms plugin at very low cost.

Step 2 :

Here Just tick the button which says turn off background updates, As we are not entering any license key there is no doubt of automatic Plugin Updates so disable background updates to update Gravity Forms Plugin manually.

When you install and activate the gravity forms plugin it will ask you to enter the license key, But one thing I want to mention you that license key is only for plugin updates & support.

You can still make forms without providing the license key. Let’s see the steps involved in bypassing the license key

Please if you have any question Contact me here

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